Top 5 Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – This is one of my families favorite places to go for our annual family vacations. We have been going there consistently for over 10+ years. After spending so much time there, I thought I should share some of the useful information I have gathered over the years. One of our favorite things to do in Puerto Vallarta is enjoy the amazing food. Its pretty easy to get sucked into all- inclusive and in some cases, it is very price efficient too. However, I would suggest getting out at least one night to check out one of these resultants so you can really enjoy what Puerto Vallarta is all about. After years of eating out, and asking many locals about there top suggestions, here are my top 5 FAVORITE restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.
1)River Cafe – This place is truly Magical.  We usually save this place for the last night when we eat out. It’s a little higher in price but it is absolutely stunning. They take reservations, so emailing or calling ahead is always a good idea. Whenever I place a reservation with this restaurant I always ask for one of the tables in there cabana’s. It is so beautiful out there, you hear the river rushing past, the frogs, and you are surrounded by candle light. How could you not love it?!

In one of the cabana’s by the river.

2) Ah Caramba – If you are looking for a killer sunset view above the city this place is the place to go. Absolutely breath taking! You do need to get a cab to come up to this place as it is a trek otherwise, but let me tell you.. you wont regret it!!!! If for nothing else at least for a drinks at sunset.

Cloudy Sunset picture from Ah Cramba, Overlooking all of Puerto Vallarta.
Beer- A- Rita

3) La Dolce Vita – One of the BEST Italian restaurants you can find in Puerto Vallarta, and also another great location for the sunset. Sometimes when you are down in Mexico, its hard to believe but you can actually get sick of….Mexican food. So, when you need a break, this place is so yummy! Its right on the Malecon, so very easy to get too. The service is primo as well, and you can also call/email ahead for reservations.

A picture from the last time we were visiting. A little wine and pizza always does the trick!
A picture of one of the first times we visited the restaurant 10+ years ago. Things have definitely changed since then.

4) Joe Jack Fish Shack- Some of the best fish tacos you can find! All of there food tastes super fresh and they have a mojito that you cant refuse… I mean it even comes with a mermaid in your drink. How could you not have one…or two ;). It is located in old town Mexico. They also take reservations, and the last few times I have been there its not a bad idea to make one because word has gotten out about how good this place is.

Joe’s Fish Shake Mojito’s are my FAVORITE!! Notice the cute little mermaid?? Its all in the details. 

5) Cafe de Olla’s – This place has always been a family favorite for us. Its tradition the first night to come here. Family run and there margaritas are top notch!! They aim to please here. It is more on the rustic side, but the food is delicious, servers are always characters and like I said the margaritas are yummy and…HUGE!  They don’t accept reservations but if you have a big enough group coming they will usually try to accommodate you the best they can.

Almost the whole family last time at Cafe De Olla’s
Margarita Time!!!


Whats your favorite place to eat in Puerto Vallarta? I would love to know!! Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts! Thanks for reading 🙂


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